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Optometrists - Brandon, Suffolk - Lakenheath Opticians - Eye care services
For a comprehensive range of eye examinations, call Lakenheath Opticians on  01842 861 999

Complete eye care services in Brandon, Suffolk

Complete eye care is more than just a vision test. 
Your eye examination consists of various tests and instruments to evaluate the health of your eyes and determine the prescription lenses needed for the best possible sight.

With the ophthalmoscope, your optometrist can actually see inside your eye to check for cataracts, retinal problems and evidence of systemic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. A pressure test for glaucoma is done with the tonometer.

Other special tests include visual fields and slit lamp biomicroscopy. We want you to know our optometrist will refer any patient to the appropriate specialist if we detect or suspect any pathology or visual problems not treated by us.

You can benefit from eye examinations including:

  •     Sight tests
  •     Cataract screening
  •     Children's eye tests
  •     Retinal photography
  •     Diabetic screening
  •     High blood pressure screening
  •     Glaucoma screening
  •     Visual fields
  •     Slit lamp biomicroscopy
  •     Colour vision tests

Lakenheath Opticians stock a comprehensive range of spectacle frames to suit any budget. We are also fully qualified in contact lens fitting and dispensing.
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